Saturday, December 27, 2008

A new year lies ahead....

I love a new year! It is like opening the first pages to a really good book......"my life!" But before I go into goal setting and dreaming.....I would like to start my blog with a fairwell to 2008....recapping the best of that year.

Starting at the Miss Killiebrea Sally! This tiny, rough-coated, black & white Border Collie has changed my life. She came to me at the end of January, thanks to Derek Scrimgeour who believed in me to push me in the direction of stepping up to handle Sally. Thanks to those who mentor me...and my Sally has become a reality.

This is Import Nell. All I can say to myself is "buckle your seatbelt, baby!" Nell is a firecracker that came to me through Diane Pagel. I am SURE there will be plenty on her for 2009...but till then, I would like to become the handler that Nell deserves.

Poor Snook.....I owe her a debt un-payable in what she has given me. She is my first Border Collie....a rescue from PNW Border Collie rescue.....soft as butter.....hates yelling men......and probably just a little frustrated with the changes in me!

Thanks to Bonnie Block from Field and Farm name made the World Calendar with Sweet Betsy (bred by Ellen Skillings).....this pictures is March! Betsy is now a working farm dog and loving her life as the only Border Collie. She taught me so much about training dogs at their pace....when to give and when to not give.....she is a special dog and how Bonnie caught this on film.....very fun!
Well, this is my first will never know how many times I had to redo it....I can't stop laughing. I am ready to be done with snow until we meet again......
Seize the day!