Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am honored to share in "priceless"

A friend of mine has a retired open trial dog named Kris. Kris was injured working cows at the age of 2 1/2...that injury resulted in the loss of one of her back legs. Kris ran open...three legged! until the age of 8 when she went to retire into her current home. My friend continued to trial Kris at smaller field trials running pro novice. Kris LOVED it. But now Kris is 13+.......and time has taken its toll on her physical and mental health. This spring found Kris unable to get out of bed.....and my friend...being the person she is.....bought this dog one of those "chariots". Diligently, the summer has been spent getting Kris back in shape......and Friday......Kris came out to work sheep for the first time in years! This feels like a MasterCard commercial....the end result being PRICELESS!
Seize the day, Kris!!!!!