Monday, November 30, 2009

Poor Bella

Poor poor pitiful Bella

I am now off to fill a few puppy-free days with as much sheep work as I can muster......

Seize the Day!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bitter Sweet Day.....

Today was bitter sweet......

Sweetness in producing beautiful well adjusted puppies for people....... of course Bella was responsible for the "beautiful" part.....but many hours have been spent with these pups..teaching them people rock and a few other life lessons.

Mary and Lorri loved Dahlia......Nephew Tucker picked up Puzzle for his Aunt Johna.....Puzzle flies to Alaska at the end of the week.......

Carol came to get Sera...who did not even say goodbye! It was as if they were long lost friends from the get go......
And just in the nick of time.....because here is what Sera did this morning...... the minute she got down them...each time down got faster and stopping the girl!!!Herriot and I took a trip to Silverton to drop her off...her new mom, Vicky, was waiting with much anticipation.....
Herriot is one clever girl and figured out she could walk her new "sister" Ruby by tugging on her leash!
The bitterness comes from a too quiet house...and a depressed mama dog that thought maybe her pups should nurse just one more time for good measure. I am busily cleaning the playroom for Nell....and round two.....
Seize the day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Today.....was the beginning!

The start of great things to come!!!!

First Born, Mischief known as Skittle, is off to her new home!

Thank you, Kathy, for giving this pup such a fabulous home filled with huge potential! May this beautiful puppy become all that you ever dreamed of and more!

Now, Kathy, you and Skittle go Seize the Day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Filled with awe and thanksgiving....
Seize the day!
photos by Bonnie Block/Field and Farm Photography, Shannon Pfifer/That'll Do Photography...and ME

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dog Pile!!!!!!

These puppies are so CUTE!!!!!! They absolutely love my husband Dave...and any new blood for that matter.
Yes, dear...they would make a nice heated scarf! Dave is holding the two fiest monsters as in Sera and Dahlia! Tug of War is just that.....WAR! Sibling rivalry abounds amidst 5 girls!!! Sera, Herriot, and Skittle have it out with the fox!
These pups have toys, chew bones, boxes son's balance board. They love it! They play Queen of the balance board and other crafty games...but still...nothing satisfies like a warm body and sensitive feet!Friday, Skittle heads home with her new mom! Then the rest leave this weekend. My house will be very quiet and boring come Monday.

Off for a puppy fix.....seize the day!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I have decided to rename the pups! Puzzle, Herriot, Dahlia, Skittle, and Sera are now Satan, Devil, Diablo, Evil, and ......The Spawn of Satan! Just kidding!!! But I will tell you, 6 week old border collie pups are 1) a lot of fun....and 2) a lot of work! Bella is pretty much done with them....she only wants to go in and eat their leftover meals...and the second she steps foot in with them....they all demand to nurse. So they are pretty close to being weaned......

They have figured out the prison...oh, I mean playroom door...and storm it to break out. Here Dal and Skit are trying to decide just how to maneuver the stairs to get to the next level of Disneyland!Sera has found that she can climb out of the whelping box to explore the rest of the playroom.....requiring that I go buy another ex-pen to keep the electronics safe from puppy teeth.Who can resist..Dahlia and Skittle seem to be mischief makers together! So here are some close ups of each pup to the best of my ability to capture high energy on my memory card!




And Miss Puzzle who was NOT being cooperative this morning....
I am starting to help the pups pack their bags.....they all have plans to leave this weekend.
On another note, Nell continues to like life under a chairD-day is less than two weeks away
Seize the day!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What is in a name????

Continuing on with complete THANKFULNESS....I am thankful to all my friends, new and old, that bought Bella pups!

Black One...aka Soot...has become Serendipity or Sera for short! Oh..I think I am in love with that name! I am singing to her.....Sarah, know that Hall and Oats song...the one I love so much from my high school days. Here she is.....Sera: guys can come pick her up right feet might not make it until the 28th!!!!

Next up is First Born, Mischief named (we think) in Skittles!

And last but certainly not least in any way.....Miss Puzzle. Her new mom and dad live in Alaska and are meeting tonight to think of a name. My vote...Puzzle....but then I don't think I get one!

The Three Musketeers......

Dahlia asked to not be left out........
As did Herriot....Here's to all of sweet little surprise puppies.......the world is an open book.......
Seize the day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama's Day Out

Bella really needed a day out away from the rug rats. I felt some pampering at the Rocking Dog Ranch Spa was in order. So....pedicure, massage, and facial is Bella after a month off........Her stealthy figure is coming back...speed, quickness and that beautiful roll back flank change.....
I loved it when she naturally over-ran a little to cover.....she is starting to feel the pressure point and is managing her pace. And then...we moved right into driving. She is coming along real nice.....and she loved the day at the spa.Now for some more miscellaneous cuteness pictures.....gotta test out the new camera!

Nell is due at the beginning of December and so she is getting a little bigger...I am not sure she realizes her baby half does not fit under the chair! This "chair thing" is new and hubby Dave is sure she plans on having her babies right there....I think NOT!
This is Puzzle.....cuteness in the form of a beautiful puppy!
This is Dalli......don't let her innocent face trick you into not protecting your feet!
I am calling First Born, Mischief until somebody steps forward and gives her their name....... What's up with puppies and feet?????? Must be that natural predatory drive coming out!
Soot and Herriot say............
Seize the day!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Something to be Thankful for

A group of friends are counting their daily blessings up until Thanksgiving......and I thought I would post some of mine.I am thankful for Vicki...and the fact she loves Herriot. We are going to have some serious FUN!!! I think we have decided that this pup looks way more like a "Herriot" instead of a "Riot" Herriot it is! Sweet pea of a pup!

I am also thankful for:
I did it.....I bought a new camera....a Canon Rebel XSi. I think I have the camera pretty much figured out.....but how to get the pictures loaded onto the computer......Shannon help......pleeeeaaaasssseeee!

I am now off to my son's first state playoff football game.......

Seize the day!