Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My Blogger site was having some "changing pains" and then my cable got fussy.  Now all seems good with my world of blogging so I am going back to post some of the happenings from my birthday week. 

It all started last Monday when Sally had an ulcer between her toes and, though not getting worse, it certainly was not getting better.  My vet did an exploratory surgery and said....he was not sure she would be good to run by Thursday.  Then I noticed she was coming into heat.....and Bella is on a trial break.....so as much as I hate missing a fantastic party....I pulled from my South Dakota trip.  Then I crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over my head for a real good pity party!  The kind of party I hate attending! This was short-lived as my good friend from the Border Collie Training Center called and said...."GET DOWN HERE!"  So I did........

The first evening of working dogs was all about assessing what I saw in my girls at LaCamas.  I have worked real hard on pace and feel with Nell.  That is good...if not great.  But now...I think I need to give her some push back...and eventually push on lambs that are so very different from ewes and lambs.  Geri showed me some things she has been doing with her seasoned open dog Jim
and her younger dog Dan.
We talked through some of the nuances of "pushing" and how my Nell like to push and control at the same time.  So she will push and then slide off to catch the sheep's eyes to keep them together and not running.  Part of my task was to show her to push from behind and that sometimes that quick pace is what we want.  Which is a topic for a blog on another day...because I am like Nell....I LOVE CONTROL!

So Nell and I had a go....
and with a bit of practice.....
she started loving to push!
And then Geri handed me a bill for my aerobic workout!

Needless to say.....we used sheep that would allow a push with much success and both Sally and Nell got a good push going.  The first step into learning how to work together as a team with the pedal to the metal.......

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Colliding Rivers Classic.....

Well, I'm home....the summer run of sheepdog trials is officially over for me......ending at Colliding Rivers Classic Sheepdog Trial in Roseburg, Oregon. What a big fireworks finale of a show it was as Nell made her debut into open!

The field was not too huge....but it felt extremely complicated for me and my girls. Here is why...in this picture you can see the fetch gates and on either side there is a bunch of tall vegetation that lines a dry creek bed. At home, to get the biggest outruns I can....I send through gates all the time and I now know.....my girls look for gates. Also, at home, tall vegetation grows on the fence lines.....and my girls don't know they can look for opening in said vegetation when it is not growing on a fence line. Instead, they saw the "gate" aka fetch panels and used this to get up to the sheep. Most of the seasoned open dogs did not have any issues with the outrun and did a great job of bringing the sheep.....for me, it is another step in the direction of putting some miles on my dogs!

This trial was on lambs again, a little different from the lambs at LaCamas. These seemed a little older and were good buds.....so if they split from too much dog pressure.....taking the pressure off showed the lambs regrouping and wanting to stay together. However, with age...came a sense self-assurance......and in the mid day some of the lambs went on strike making the dogs work very hard indeed to bring them down the field.The first day did not see that many pens......handlers had to work hard to get the lambs to want to go in. 

In a nut shell......Saturday both of my girls brought sheep to my feet.....finding their sets with some help from me!  Nell was very frustrated and had the "grip of the trial", taking a lamb down to create a bit of order.  I walked!  Sally got to the cross drive before timing out and I was very happy with both girls for the team work they showed with me even though we were in over our heads.  Sunday...well...for the first time in my life....the set out was radically moved from the first go to the far right of the field.  Sending right was the way to send, .....left was very hard on the dogs as it was a blind outrun once the dog got past the creek.  I  sent Sal left...and she found the set out pen of sheep over the hill and, though I could call her off....I could not get her to see the packet that was set for her way closer to me.  I sent Nell right but she was sure the only way up the field was through the "gate" and ended up running all over kingdom-come until she found the buggers...and brought them.  I again walked once we got sheep through the fetch gates......I wanted her to think about all the help I gave that would have put her to the lambs if she would have listened.....I sure hope that is what she took away to think about!

And here is what I learned....I have come a long way in my relationship with Sally and Nell in the past year.  Both dogs worked very hard for me and neither got too rattled or quit working even when the going got tough.  I also have some things to work on......Sally definitely has a sweet little blow out now.....but not a pull in on her outrun......I will need both to compete at tough trials.  Nell is young and need to learn to trust my input....instead of thinking "yea yea, I know".  And for me.....well, it is to continue to push myself.....become a master reader of the sheep.....work on better understanding between my dogs and myself of what my commands mean and clean them up for precision and clarity.  And though I can shorten the learning curve.....some of what I must learn comes from experience.....so I will persevere, pay my dues, bring forth experiences that continue to teach me and my dogs.....and continue to learn though watching, setting, scribing, asking and being open to see the nugget of truth in what is being shared.

Seize the Day!

I love this picture....Lana checking her time at the pen!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying to Figure Out....

I am having difficulty posting pictures to my blog....well actually these difficulties are turning into impossible picture posting, so while I sort it out......because I have a ton of really cool photos to post.....I thought I would post some thought from LaCamas.

While at LaCamas, I asked a fellow training friend...."what makes a person decide to move a dog to open?" Over the years, I have seen a few dogs moved to open prematurely, in my humble opinion. One would be my Sally. I ran her in four pro novice trials before I moved her up and, though I do not regret it....I do feel like I pushed her too fast in our relationship. Now a year later, I believe we are clicking and she is doing open work with me.

My friend shared some sage words and I now summarize and share them here with my interpretation..... "move the dog to open when you are no longer training during the run, when your dog is working for you and you feel you have the team relationship to work through what can happen on an open course". This isn't to say that your runs will go perfect, or that you don't have things to continue to work on and train, or that your dog doesn't need time, miles, and experiences. But certainly do not move a dog up that can not complete a pro novice course time and again.....and I am not talking about winning.....instead completion of a course with good method and team work.

Who would have ever thought at the beginning of May....as I began my intense "Figure Nell Out or Die Trying" quest.....that I would be moving her to open at Colliding Rivers Classic Sheepdog Trial....but here I am. Nell's debut! I feel like we have been a consistent team all summer...with Nell wanting to work with me each time we go to sheep. So, here I go....jumping off that cliff into the ocean of possibilities! Bring it on!

I'm packing the car......and getting ready to leave....and of course killing a bunch of time trying to sort out my inability to post photos here!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Traveling Blogger

Well, it is that time of year....yes sirreee....and my wonderful husband and fabulous children got me a little baby lap top! It is so freaking cool!!! Now I can blog on the road....which is exactly what I am doing right now. Gosh technology is GREAT!

My plans changed in the blink of a vet visit.....all things leading to the road to South Dakota were falling apart. Bella needs a break from trialing.....then Sally got a sore on her foot and though I started treating it at LaCamas....it was not getting any better. A brief exploratory surgery and a change in antibiotics left my vet wanting to see her again if things did not improve. A three day one way drive was beginning to look very different with the possibility of running just one pro novice dog. So I cut my losses...and sadly pulled from the trial and road trip.

As with most "things" in my life of dogs.....it went from crazy wild...to boring and mundane...to crazy and wild as I packed the car and headed to Tulelake to work dogs with Geri and Lana. I am very excited as Geri is going to show me some ways to help Nell bore into sheep.....and Lana asked me to help move her "mob" of sheep tomorrow morning! I had best read up on the article Lana wrote for the Working Border Collie Magazine about this sort of task! I'm hoping she will allow me to work Bella on this large group.....I think it would be very good for her.

Then....Miss Nell is moving to open! She will be running at the Colliding Rivers Classic in Roseburg over the weekend. Making lemonade out of lemons and the disappointment of not making it to South Dakota. I'm hoping to get this lap top all figured out to wow you with my updates on my Rocking Life on the road!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

LaCamas 2010

I just returned from three long days at LaCamas. This year, the trial was full to the brim and overflowing with open and pro novice handlers. The number of handlers combined with short course times and challenging lambs made this year's LaCamas sheepdog trial one that sorted the men from the boys! Sort of brings back one of my favorite quotes from A Knight's Tale....You have been weighed, you have been measured.....and you have been found wanting.

The pro novice field was a short drive from the open field. I pulled Bella from the trial.....even before I saw the sheep I knew that we had some relationship strengthening to do. She is not the kind of dog to readily forgive me for putting her in over her head time and again. Nell ran Thursday and Friday......and now, this is our fourth trial in a row where I feel her working for me and with me...and I am so ready! I have spent so much time working on pace and feel with her......that I had to laugh when I asked her to pick it up she almost keeled over! Needless to say...these little lambs were not the sort to easily pick up the pace and still remain in control.....and Nell and I have some work ahead of us. I will say...she got a 48 her second go, timing out on the drive.....losing only two points on her outwork was absolutely thrilling.
Sally's open runs made my heart sing. Her first go I needed three blow outs to get her to the top but she took them all without a cross and her lift was spot on! A fast fetch came from letting her sort it out.....and that bit of chase was seen on a crazy fast drive! Our shed was clean and we got to the mouth of the pen. Her second go only needed one little supportive blow to keep her out on a path to the top. Again, her lift was great....and then those little lambie buggers started trouble! Both Sally and I were in over our heads.....probably more me than Sally.....she ended up making a quick decision to bring the three that wanted to come and left the nasty two behind for the coyotes! I left the post...stopped her....got a sweet little look back and away she went for the two. An RT but with so much more to it than that! Really, I felt this was some of the best team work we have ever done!

One of the best parts of LaCamas for me, was getting to watch some fabulous handling! Of course Patrick Shannahan and Riggs were spot on winning the first go. Both the MacRae's were handling two open dogs......and that was a learning lesson each time one of them walked to the post. I always admire Lavone Calzacorta and Rob Miller's runs....plus Geri Byrne and Candy Kennedy. I missed a bunch of friend's runs.....but caught Cheryl's go with Flint her second day...and Monique's go with Lucy that ended up with sheep at her feet!
It was fun talking to those I respect.......about my runs....and taking away ideas on what to work on next. Really the support of those who could see the beauty and improvement....and then give that gentle nudge in the direction of that "next" makes trailing so much more fun. It becomes more about the dog, reading sheep, and the relationship...and less about who is better. Sort of "same song, next verse"........a bad run does not make me have a bad day nor does it make me a bad person.
I took a bunch of pictures.....here Geri is running her dog Dan in his first ever Open trial.
I also got the privilege of watching Charlotte and Zeke run novice! Some day she is going to kick my bootie....and I will get the privilege of knowing....I helped her do it!
It is time for me to stop procrastinating and get on with packing to go to South Dakota! Off on one crazy adventure.....with stops along the way both coming and going to work dogs with friends! But I must pack first...and grocery shop.....and put out feed for the sheep.....and......
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From Clarification to Questions

So I wanted to clarify something.....I posted last week that I let Nell decide which way she was going to outrun at a recent trial....and what I meant was, I don't always do this.....but in this given situation: Sending left was definitely the "more correct" way to send a dog because of the pressure at the top....however, left was also the more complicated way to send the dog because of the terrain and a fence corner. Sending right......the dog could see the sheep more on the outrun.....and the fence was no issue......but since the top was a little shallow, the lift could create havoc for even the best outrunning dogs because of the pressure at the top to the set-out pen on the left. When Nell assured me she wanted to go left...I let her because if she nailed it...she would be in a better spot. If she did not nail it...my correction would be better understood. And lastly, if she over-ran the top (which Nell can do on occasion) the sheep would show her the error of her ways....and might just lead to more trust between us on the next outrun. Too much information? That is me in a nut shell!!!

In other news: Gyp got a new collar......it seems to fit her a little better!
I love this collar! The brass plate has all my information on it so the dogs don't need to wear tags. It also has a middle brass ring for ease of snapping on a leash. I get my collars from Gun Dog Supply.

Lastly, here is my question......what makes somebody "deserve to be successful" when it comes to working dogs and stockdog trials?

Off to work some lambs...LaCamas starts tomorrow!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Hanlder's Clinic

How can I even begin to summarize a "handling clinic"? To me, handling is such a personal thing.....good or bad: it is each handler's special qualities that present itself with each of their own individual dogs! That said, I went to a four day Scott Glen handling clinic up at Fido's Farm. Being one of the hottest stretches of the year.....I wrestled with taking the RV...which gets hot and does not stay cool without the generator running for dry camping.....or taking a tent that is as breezy as sleeping out side. I went with the tent. I took a sleeping bag pad...and though big, thick and promising the comfort of my temperpedic mattress.....I learned this about myself....I am not a good camper...happy yes, good NO!Sally, Gyp, Nell and Bella all slept in their crates in the car.....which was cool in the evening and they are all used sleeping there. I took Snook into the tent with me.....she kept me warm when the temps dipped....and kept the coyotes away!

Each morning dawned with a light fog.....that dissipated with the intense sun. The clinic started as soon as the field cleared, trying to beat the heat.As I mentioned, the clinician was Scott Glen from Canada.....the 2004 USBCHA champion and reserve champion....and 2009 Nursery Champion. He brought his very own special chair for use on the field......it doubled as a training stick on occassion.

Since the focus was on handling....I chose to work Nell. My intense 'Nell focus' started in March....and Nell is really starting to work nicely as a good team member for me. I have been mulling over some feedback I have received from a couple of different open handler friends that have watched me run Nell at a few trials this summer....and I had some questions I wanted to sort out with a little different handling perspective. Armed with two pages of a legal pad worth of questions.....that is exactly what I got!

What I took away from this clinic was.....I love how Scott handles his dogs, what he sees, and the precision of understanding he strives for. Those qualities bring really nice runs on a consistent basis. Though he handles a bit different from how I have trained....I do believe we met in the middle! That precision of understanding was lacking in my relationship with Nell...mostly because of the ambiguity I was creating. My "lie down" command had about 4 different meanings.....which was creating confusion when I really wanted a firm stop at the top! After some intense analyzing of my head and what my dog understands...I actually had some more effective tools in my shed for hitches.....instead of using a "lie down" meaning hitch instead of an actual stop. We did a whole open type of trial run today...and I really pounded on my head to use my communication tools to convey exactly what I wanted.....my poor head hurt a bit from using this precise muscle that I have not used before.....but Nell loved it! So then I loved it....and the wheel goes round and round!

My friend Monique wrote on her blog something that Scott shared with her at a lesson a while back "Your job is to always know where your dog's mind is, and be able to anticipate her next step at any instant during work. It's your responsibility to be one step ahead of the dog at all times." That tid bit has been burned into my brain....and is what I learned again and again at this clinic. KNOW YOUR DOG! If Nell wants to go to head.....the closer I put her there with a flank....the more I will have to lie her down to keep her from going to head. That is a "good" use of my lie down and I had best mean it. If I see tension in Nell, it is my job to see it and use the tools we have established to take the tension out.

The best part of going to this clinic was to be able to walk away and begin to formulate a plan using what I have learned with adjustments to each of my dogs and what I know about them. I am really looking forward to a very special trial that starts Thursday....LaCamas. I think I should go get KNOW YOUR DOG tattooed on the inside of my eyelids....that and WATCH YOUR SHEEP!

Tomorrow ends the four day clinic....I came home a day early to check the ranch but my "check engine light" came on and my van going to the shop for a check-up will keep me from going back for the last day. I'm really okay with how my clinic experience is ending....on a really great note with handling ideas for me to ponder and have become a part of my relationship with my dogs! Thank you, Scott Glen......for all that you gave me! Priceless.

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Friday, August 13, 2010


Early this week....before the heat wave even thought of rearing its ugly head.....my good friends from Kenleigh Acres Farm came out to work dogs.

Theron has a nice young pup by the name of Rose....and he wanted to put some more time on her at my place!
And that is just what we did......Rose is looking splendid and is really getting a hang of the sheep work!

Then I put Miss Gyp on sheep and asked Shannon to take a few pics.....I do believe Gyp is going to be a lot like her mama......And this here was the sweet icing on the cake......

I LOVE working dogs.....with good friends!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramblings of the Random Sort

I'm in the midst of preparations for a four day, intense, open handling clinic with Scott Glen. As with most things in my life...this fortuitously falls exactly where I need it most. Nell and I are just starting to tap into a very nice working relationship with understanding happening more frequently than not. Sally continues to show me the rawness of my handling.....not being a dog to cover any fault that I might have so I must become more accurate! And Bella is teaching me the art of taking time and really evaluating what is presented. All these dogs have been trialing with me for the summer......and we are looking ahead to a few more, big, challenging trials to head us into the fall. With that in mind, I thought I would jot down a few of my thoughts.....

I recently wrote, "a good run with my dogs does not make me a good person, a good trainer, nor does it make me have a good day.....any more that a bad run makes me a bad person, a bad trainer nor can it make me have a bad day." I believe that to the core of my being. Case in point....Bella and I had THE worst run we have experienced ever on the trial field at the Island Crossing Sheepdog Trial. It was BAD.....I felt embarrassed, frustrated....but more, I felt I had let my dog down....not seeing in her the lack of tools needed to pull off this run and this lack making her not believe in me. I actually crawled through a space in the fence to get to my car to think and sort....rather than get unsolicited critique from the innocent if I had walked in front of the handler's tent. I also called a friend, one I have spent time training Bella with, to sort through what I was seeing....make sure my plan was a good one....and get another perspective on what might have happened. I patted Bella on the head and we agreed we had "relational" work to do.......and more training....and that I would not let her down on my end. Shortly there after, I had to get Nell out of her crate for her run....and let all those "Bella thoughts" fly away so I could run Nell with a clear head and no undeserved tension. Practicing "the art of letting go".....allowed me to have one of the best runs with Nell that we have ever had....filled with team work, trust, understanding and no baggage from previous runs.

I think back to what Jack Kn*x told me...."if you focus on improving your relationship with your dog...eventually you will win. If all you focus on is winning.....you won't" He also told me that "I make too big of a deal out of the great things my dogs do.....as well as making too huge of a deal when things go bad" Okay...so that would be my interpretation of what he said.....but that is what I heard him say! Ruminating on this....it is so freeing...to see Bella's terrible run as a map to what I need to help her with 1) lifting off people 2) getting used to not having as much room at the top as she would like 3) taking input on her outrun and not feeling pressure from it 4) helping her to lift and fetch at 350 and 5) cleaning up me......stop means stop.....giving her some black and white boundaries to build confidence so she does not feel like I have left her hanging. Bella's bad run was no big deal! On the other hand...Nell's really good run was no big deal either. It showed me that we are heading in the right direction in our relationship. We still have work...she over-ran the top of her outrun on sheep that would not forgive that......and I mishandled the pen. But again, it is a snapshot of where we are right now.

I am also working on applying this as I watch others run their dogs at trials. There are some folks that I aspire to handle like......and there are others that have their own way of working dogs. It certainly does not matter....each of us have our own journey.......and our difference of opinion does not matter! I get to chose who I listen to......which tidbits I let in......who I seek out for input. I also need to embrace that each dog I work with...has a special journey to share with me. No set formula....no time frame.....each works with their own method....and, if I am an open minded seeker.....I will learn, grow, and become with the dog.

This being the case, I am excited to see what I can learn from a "handling clinic". I am preparing myself to be open to what insight can come from intensely looking at how I handle each of my dogs. I know Scott's style of handling is a bit different from those I train with regularly.....I am excited to challenge myself to gain knowledge and understanding......finding a style that suites me. The journey continues.....the challenges intensify.......

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She's Growing Up

During the Island Crossing Trial, I stayed with my friends north of Seattle. These are the same friends that sweet little Bella's Princess went to. Then, she was feisty and pretty much stole the heart of all who saw her......
Now she is called Dahlia or Dee Dee for short. She is still full of fun and feisty as the day is long......she has grown into a beautiful 10 month old teenager of a girl! Bella was not so sure about her.....but Dahlia thought her mom was very cool! Amazing the fingerprints Bella left on her pups....they sure look alike!
You can also see a bit of her dad in her.....with her small size and her ear set.
Gyp loved Dahlia....they found all sorts of cool games to play! It was a nice change for Gyp....as nobody really wants to play with her in my pack. Dahlia even came out to visit all the folks and watch a few runs at the sheepdog trial. I do believe she is slated for some sheep-time with Maggi on Vashon Island!
I look forward to what adventures life holds for Miss Princess Dahlia!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Magical Moment

I just returned from the Island Crossing Sheepdog Trial.....held in Arlington, Washington.....it was yet another beautiful trial. My favorite part...besides the great sheep....crazy challenging field....wonderful judge......and fun people.....was the RAIN! Yes, it rained and the temps were cool...and it felt fabulous!

As I said....the terrain was crazy challenging which provided extremes for me....."it was the best of times, it was the worst of times!" See, there was this gully, trench, long dip that ran across the top third of the field...call it what you like but, one would lose sight of the sheep in various places of the run....especially if things did not go as visualized.....because of that darn gully!
Here the sheep are just entering the gully.........

same run....sheep are in the gully.....nice dogand here they come.......This same gully created havoc on the outrun......obvious a dog could not see the sheep as they crossed it....so many a dog would run the lip of it only to cross on the outrun! It also created chaos on the drive....the wicked humored judge putting the cross drive line just this side of the gully.....off line...no sheep!

The pro novice day both Bella and Nell ran. Bella had lovely big outruns only to be shattered by tension on the lift. Back to the drawing board.....I need to lift off people with her....and work tight spots...then add in some really light sheep. Enough said. Nell got lost on her first outrun....darn gully....but we pulled it back together which gave me great hope for our second go. Nell and I ran second to last.....and all those training tears, counselling sessions with mentors and friends, hours and hours of obsessively thinking, watching, training....paid off as we entered the Zone. It was that magical moment where my dog and I were a team...Nell doing her part and me doing mine.......I could not hear a sound as I think the folks watching might have entered the zone with me.....and Nell won her first ever Pro Novice trial. Gosh I love that dog.....that whole relationship "thing" that happened was beyond any words I could use to describe......and sweeter yet was ending in third place combining both runs. Consistency with Nell.......I think I like it!

It was on to open....and what I can say is....I saw some fabulous runs ....great dogs...creative handling.....and Sally and I made progress. Her first run she struggled to find the sheep....but her second run she took a redirect from me on her outrun for the first time ever.....leaving me feeling like a winner! Both runs, I decided to leave the post to get understanding from Sally regarding taking a flank out of the pressure point....and am glad I did. Echoing in my head were words from Patrick.....sometimes you have to give-up a run to train a dog! I'm not working for today....but am looking ahead .......and so Sally and I made progress in our understanding and that has become winning in my book. It feels good to live it......

Now I prepare for four intense days of a handling clinic with Scott Glen.....bring it on!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Ram Sam Sam

Growing up...I was a Girl Scout....and we used to sing a song called A Ram Sam Sam. You might have heard it.... "A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam, Guli guli guli guli guli ram sam sam" Well, yesterday I picked up a new ram...and sang that song all the way home. Brain worm for sure...so I thought I would name him...SAM!
"I do not like green eggs and ham...I do not like them, Sam I am!" I do not like them in a stew...I will not eat them with a ewe.....not with a lamb...not in a pan...I do not like them Sam I am! Dr Seuss had NOTHING on me!
But back to my story....Sam is a Bluefaced Leicester with a wee bit of Border Leicester. You can see his a natural black fleeced boy.....with very nice crimp and luster.....sporting a good body....but here is what I like best about him.........he will move off a dog!Last year's ram lamb....Mr. Hoosier Daddy.....has all the qualities that Sam has (well he does have a white fleece)....except he won't move off a dog.....he pretends to be a bottle boy...and he leaves that nasty fingerprint on his lambs! So off Hoosier goes to be some other flocks daddy.....and Sam gets to show me what a fine young father he can be....here's hoping for a few natural black fleeced lambs next year. Mixed with my 2 shetland ewe lambs and my 2 coop/bluefaced whether lambs, he also gets to show Bella and Nell how to work lambs ....... as that just might be what shows up at LaCamas on the trial field!

Here's to dreams of lambs next spring......

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Western States Regional Champion Sheepdog Trial

I met up with Bob and Alistair on Friday and we walked the field that the Western States Regional Champion Sheepdog Trial will be run on October 15-17. Located in McMinnville, Oregon....smack dab in Oregon wine country......and nestled next to the Evergreen Air Museum....it promises to be a lovely field for a fabulous trial!

The museum with a grand view of the top end of the trial field.....
From mid field looking towards the set-out we are hoping to hide in the trees!
Here is a picture from Alistair of the whole field.....600 yards from top to bottom and does not include the field behind the camera for more room and parking!
From the top of the field looking back down to the post and parking......Be sure to check out the web site......for more information and and the entry form. Entries open August 3rd!


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