Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dreams Come True......

 I LOVE dreams.  For me the bigger the better on the dream factor.  I also love the process of over thinking and then letting go...making vision boards and sorting and sifting then letting go.  Actually the letting go part is sort of hard for my friends read this and snicker.....but I am finding that, as much as action is essential for is letting go.  Thus I pry my fingers from clutching and hold myself back from that last ditch lunge to be in control of my destiny. 

For me, this started a few years back when Geri asked if I could help edit a Derek Scrimgeour video.  I loved it so much.....and I do believe I told her that I would like to work more closely with future projects.  Then as sometimes went on with complication and change and the idea simmered on that infamous back burner.

Last January, I had a dream.  One of those dreams that start out in the sleep and then bursts into the day time which seemed to add color and vivid details to the already charismatic dream.  It is always fun to share those moments with a friend...and that day my dream merged with Geri's dream and we became the dream catchers.  Who knew it was going to be like having a baby!  The excitement of the idea.....the process of the development.....sleepless nights and sickness and grumpiness on my part!  Waiting and working and wondering.  And here we are just 9+ months later as we enter the delivery room....sending the first project off to be packaged for sales!

Welcome Little Horse Mountain Productions!  The wild dream that became reality and now, hopefully inspires and allows others tools to achieving their own dreams.  Our first project with Patrick Shannahan is a series of sheepdog training DVDs....called Building a Winning Team.  Off to a Good Start talks about the foundation a young pup will need to become a working dog. 

Little Horse Mountain Productions filmed and then put all that film into telling the story of training stock dogs.  Once the video is looking close to being done, part of the fun is watching it over and over to make changes and see what else is needed.  Nell previewed the video with Patrick tips on sheep control!  Bella also got involved as one of the dogs Patrick worked with was also a Bella.  I had some really beautiful "lie downs" off stock with my Bella, thanks to Patrick Shannahan!

I have goose bumps as I write this...putting my dream to words and out for the world to see.  Today feels like the first day of the dream being "real" as the DVD heads to be reproduced and packaged!  And the dream just keeps getting bigger and better as Little Horse Mountain Productions continues the journey!  In the coming weeks, we will be launching our next production with yet another fabulous trainer. 

I think it could not be more appropriate to close with:


PS the winner of the rose colored glasses has been picked.....thanks for playing.  I with I could buy everybody rose colored glasses and thus make the world a rosier place. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Seeing Life Through Rose Colored Glasses......

Candy from Training Border Collies sports really cool rose colored lens sun glasses and swears by them.  She says they make panels "pop" and help with depth perception.  In an effort to do all to improve my course vission....I decided to try them.  Here is what I have found....they not only help make the course "pop" but they make the glass look half full instead of half empty, people appear to wear smiles and not frowns, and well, the world really does look better through rose colored glasses.

To celebrate the fledglings leaving the nest, my new reader glasses, and the fact I am hovering at 174 for the finals but did get into Lacamas! I am doing a give away......

These are Bolle Sunglasses...that can be fitted with vermilion (rose in English) lenses.  Of course the frame does not have to be pink....

These white frames are pretty cool (if not out of focus!)....but I stick to traditional and wear black frames...rose lenses...and people stare. 

Here is how the give-away goes:

When I started working with friends and their dogs.....I wanted to make a Rocking Dog Ranch book of excuses.  When anybody gave a really good excuse, I always threatened to make them go write it in my book and sign their name. 

The best one was when my friend, she whom I will not name, came out with her corgi and my grass was a little tall. After a less than stellar outrun, "she" looked at me and told me her dog could not see the sheep with the tall grass.  I found myself on the ground, head laying sideways, looking at the sheep through the grass and saying, "funny, but I can see them just fine!"  After a round of laughter that left us crying, sides hurting, and neighbors wondering, I asked for a hand up and "she" just walked away mumbling something like..good luck with that.

So give it to me.  What is the best excuse you have ever used or heard used?  I'll stick all the responses in a hat and draw a name and then you too can be seeing life through rose colored glasses.  Be sure to identify yourself so I can let you know when you win.

Make today  Rosey! 

Seize the Day!

ps "she" feel free to copy and past my excuse story into the comments and use it for your entry if you like........

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Facing My Fears

Growing up, my grandfather was the kind of guy that, the more he loved you, the more he picked on you.  During the first summer of married life, Dave and I went and spent a few days with my grandparents...who took us to Crater Lake.  It was a hot, late August day, we sat in the car with the windows rolled down and broke out the meat-filled sandwiches.  Within minutes the car was filled (okay maybe just three or four) with yellow jacket...which are on my top 2 list of things I fear.  If my hubby had not seen it before, he totally saw the entire "I am more stubborn than you" attitude as I left the car to go sit on a rock wall.  Outside where I could at least run and scream before being attacked....leaving my grandparents and my sandwich in the car.  We drove home with the windows up and the air on....Gramps beaming with pride at his feisty (I'm sure favorite) grand.

Last weekend, I left a really wonderful sheepdog trial in Roseburg to head to Cheney, Washington to see our son off on his college adventure.  Hubby and son drove ahead with the "stuff" filled Durango...and I was a few hours behind in the RV...filled with my "stuff" aka 6 border collies.  I ended up staying the night at an RV park....getting up early to finish the road trip.  I knew the dogs would need a good run before being cooped up for a few hours while we attended the get-to-know-you football bbq. 

As I drove through Cheney, I was on the look out for some wide open spaces. Room to let the girls run and take care of business.  On the outskirts of town I found an empty church that had a nice forest behind we stopped.  The girls ran out, sniffing around and having some serious fun...Nell and Gyp ahead but not too far.  Nell turned and came running back towards me with a funny look on her face and big burs all over her body.  "What did you get into" was my first thought...and my second thought can not be put on this blog without serious R rating....because she was covered in pissed off yellow jackets that were burrowing in and hell bent on the kill.  Nell, smart as a whip, was running for the open RV door and the safety of her kennel...which of course would have compromised home base! 

For one fleeting second, I fantasized about driving off...and leaving the whole pack to fend...but then I put on those big girl panties I keep around for occasions such as this and got to business solving something that required me facing my fear.

With the help of a flannel shirt and dogs that trusted me, I was able to get most the yellow jackets off Nell and Gyp who were hit hardest.  Sally was attacked as the yellow jackets were swiped off Nell...and thank God, Grace, Bella, and Snook did not get but a sting or two and were good about going in the RV and waiting me out.  With the help of my husband, benadryl, Metacam, and Energy Edge....I waited to make sure no girl was going to have an anaphalactic reaction....and all was good in my world again. 

Afterwards...I have to say I feel more than fortunate.  It could have been so much worse. The RV could have been filled, a dog could have died, a dog could have run away in the chaos, and I could have got hit worse that the 4 stings I got on my little finger.  I also found out just a little bit more about myself and faced a fear all in the name of "love".  Facing my fear.....not something I sought out to do but it is amazing to come out on the other side a little bit stronger.

I really enjoy John Assaraf....he wrote a favorite book of mine called "The Answer". I also follow him on FaceBook as he sticks tickling thoughts out that I love to over think on.  Today he wrote: "
If you are interested in achieving something, you will do what is convenient and make up stories, reasons, excuses and delay in taking action . When you are committed to achieving something, you will do whatever it takes. No stories, no excuses, no delaying, no whining, just doing and moving forward, even when you make mistakes or fail."
Good stuff!  There are so many things in my life that I am "committed" to and then there are those other things that I am just sort of "interested" in.  Time to sort them out!  In the coming week, I am going to do an RDR giveaway......and the topic is going to be EXCUSES. The prize is going to be a good be thinking up your favorite excuse (one you have used or one you have heard used).  I've got two sheepdog trials coming up and then I hit the dreaded Soldier Hollow, no Meeker, and looks like Sally and I didn't have "enough" to get into the finals.  No more kids at home....yikes. So I'll do a give away to create my own excitement.
Seize the day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Pages of Autumn

Spring was growing up on a small ranch in Central Oregon. There I learned love of animals, that hard work paid off, and that my roots ran deep to country life.  It was high school volleyball, 4-H and FFA, fun fair memories that left a hole when the those days ended.  It was frat hopping and short black leather mini skirts! College and a trip to China that would change my life forever.

Summer brought a man, and babies.  Swim lessons, visits to Santa. baseball, basketball, football...endless activities raising up boys into men.  Agility and long road trips and fabulous family vacations. I've sold toys and make-up...been president of too many youth sporting clubs as well as class mom well into the high school years.  It was always easy to deny the change of my seasons....what with all those mouths to feed and bodies coming in and out the door.

This weekend, I lived my first day of Autumn. Funny how it does not look much different that the last day of summer.  The leaves are still green, the grass dried with summer sun....but Autumn it is.  No longer will I get up in the middle of the night to check the number of cars in the driveway.  The laundry has lessened to once a week.  The fridge still has a lot of the food in it that I bought a week ago.  And the counters are longer are there bottles of vitamins and supplements....nor huge buckets of protein powder. 

Son number two was delivered safely into the hands of the football coaching staff at Eastern Washington University.

He fit snugly into the roll of incoming freshman......comfortable in his skin and anxious to get going with his next chapters of spring.

I'm very thankful for good friends, a loving man, and four legged creatures that will keep life ever exciting....and the ability to look at absence as if they were off to camp!

May my Autumn experience a long Indian Summer!

Seize the Day!