Friday, August 7, 2015

Rhythm....Finding a New Groove

I've been living at the new place for two weeks now......the first few days provide quiet challenging.  14 1/2 year old dogs are NOT very pliable...especially if they have only known one home their entire life, from the day they were born in my son's closet.  The days go by and the new rhythm of life starts to form a pattern, a comfortable one at that.

Everything I read about brain development points out the need for change.  Find a new way to drive to work, the articles challenge. Try new things, learn new skills, develop new interests....I get the need to not fall into a rut that lasts a lifetime. On the other hand, for me, I need some consistency; a little bit of routine is good for my soul.

While I work on a new groove, settling the girls into this new life...I'm also working on finding some balance of working on the new list of things to do.  Slowly but surely I will get my sheep and chickens here....I have field work to finish  first.  Field work and fences that need attention....this place used to home cattle and there is barb wire everywhere.  Amidst rhythm I am finding challenge of learning new skills and as always, honing patience.

Life is good.....actually, Life is Great!

Seize the Day!!!