Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 Finals...the road less traveled

Thank God for road warrior all I can say today.....a day where there is not enough coffee in the world to make up for the jet lag I feel from 12 hours in the car.  That said, I had a great time, though it was short, at the 2015 Finals in Alturus, CA.

I watched some pretty darn amazing runs!  I saw a fetch, from a top dog and hand, go to hell in a hand basket.  The cool calm of letting go of wrong and staying in the moment, minute by minute, allowing the score to slide the team into the next day's running order...was a lesson to remember!  The maneuvering of a dog on the fetch to "train" the sheep to allow a seamless turn around the post.....bundle that up and put it in my tool box!  And this pen:

that one big high headed range ewe that took the rope out, while she darted off, not giving a though or care to her friends......

the patience and strategy and calm required to complete the pen and move on to the single.....

poetry in motion added to nerves of steel with a side of confidence that comes from experience and genetics.

It was fun seeing friends again... friends that I only see at trials.  I've missed the conversations about dogs and work and ideas and training.  I'm looking forward to getting the dogs thinking about trials again....getting back in the saddle and working on partnership and relationship as my focus.  For me, little pauses are good...its allowed me so much gain and clarity for what is important in my life for sure.

Seize the Day!!!!