Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas.....

It happened.....almost picture perfect to how it was dreamed.  Last week, I got up, fed dogs, went out and did my chores, came in and had a cup of coffee with my son.  Then, together we went out and moved e-net,  I came in and flung some laundry around and put the clean dishes away......sounds like another day of living.  But for me, amidst living the day......I stopped and looked was the realization of a dream.  So many times of driving back and forth to my little slice of Heaven, 15 minutes each way, just to do chores, and while I drove I thought about living where my animals are.

Here I am, living that dream.  The sheep have settled into their new loafing shed and the idea that many a field are available for grazing.  The dogs love the big field, the running around and the sheep work. There are days where I have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming......some days I feel like I am just visiting.

I took Sis out into the big field two days ago.  The fenceless side now has e-net thanks to a good friend and a big Premier order.  We drove the sheep around....and worked on outruns......and as we walked back for the day....we both felt it.  Hard to put into words....but the feelings .....I just love it here.

It's our first Christmas, the house is decorated and the tree is absolutely perfect despite it's flaws. I cut it down from our little tree grove.  The sheep will get some time in the pasture below before I tuck them in for the evening.  The rain is supposed to let up this weekend and I am looking forward to sharing some dog work on Saturday.

I always want to remember.....all the things that have brought me here. All the details that make this, right here, so amazing.  The big field, the well, the quiet, all the nature that calls this home, the big red antique barn, the tranquil pond.....the still and almost mundane moments that add up to make this perfect. I must be getting is not the big and flamboyant expectations but instead the small, priceless tiniest of details that take my breath away.  May my eyes always be looking for the miracles....

Merry Christmas!

Seize the day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Yesterday was a routine on a ranch means there will always be something to do.  I started the day with a quick brace drive of the sheep to the bottom pasture with Sis and Bella, then I worked Sis.  I wandered around trying to sort which of the gopher/mole holes were new and set traps.  The "feral fail" cats, Hello and Sox, followed me around; talking, cheering, or offering advice, I am not sure which is was, but it was sweet having company.  I continued my efforts in mud control, moving stall mats around trying to guess which areas will receive the most pressure from the coming rains.  

Amidst the peaceful business of the day, I stopped and lifted my eyes and found some intense gratitude waiting for me.  For years, I have been dreaming of this place....I've dreamed of waking up to head out the door to do my chores.  I've dreamed of a big field to work dogs....stretch them out, walk along side to give understanding....all the little things a big field can provide.  I used to drive around and visualize what it must be like to live on the different properties that sparked my interest.  And here I am: living in a place that is pretty freaking, amazingly, wonderful. 

Funny how when I dreamed my dreams, I never really thought about the work and challenges.  Just like life, there certainly have been challenges galore here with the dreaded hemlock top of the list.  As I walk around, looking at the land.....the hemlock stalks have been removed and the blankets of baby hemlock being sprayed out every sunny day.....I know hemlock will be a foggy memory and friends will have to remind me of the acres of potential doom. I've cried a few times over the hemlock and the lack of viable feed.  I pulled myself up out of the dark....talked to a few friends....made a few back to the good work.....and the beauty of this land is beginning to peek back through.  I'm counting on Spring to showcase what has been planted this fall.

I wonder if it is human nature that makes me toy with the "if only's".  Like old muscle memory that needs to be wrestled and pinned....I find it easy to fall back to ideas of "if only there was no hemlock", "if only my fence guy would get here" "if only.......I did more, or ate less, or ran more miles....or".  Perhaps more than human nature, it is the perfectionistic nature I wrestle with....THAT nature seems to find the flaws and what needs work over the beauty and what work has been done.  For November, I worked on a daily gratitude list.  I want to work on my gratitude muscle; make it strong and dominant and something I live in. I want to remember my life and dreams along the way to fill me with the awe of my dreams coming true.

I'm working dogs in the bottom pasture.....I've ordered electro net to fence what needs to be fenced to get me through to the fence guy showing up.  This is the first time my family has seen me work and train dogs......Dave took this picture of Bella grazing sheep for the first time over the weekend.  This place is amazing......indeed it is exactly what I had hoped for.

Seize the Day!!!!