Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Beat Stress"

I just opened an email....the tag line was "Beat Stress".  It was a woo woo advert for a meditation program that touts, "Imagine achieving instant results -- LESS STRESS, more happiness, greater focus, improved creativity...immediately."  WOW!!!  IMMEDIATE results...all without effort.  As I read the ad...I thought "damn, too bad it wasn't weight removal!".  Right?

I thought about that ad all day long much of what is wrong in me has to do with wanting results RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!  Those 10+ pounds....I put on over months...yep I sure would like them gone NOW!  The zen of meditation that takes a life time to attain....sure would love that in less than 12 minutes a day with a miraculous audio program.  Or how about a "trained to open dog".....yes sirree...that can be done in a month.  

What if.....bear with me on this one....what if I took the time to enjoy the journey.  What if, I enjoy the food I eat and the runs of the day.....and instead of wanting anything other than what I have this very moment....I just am!  What if I take my time and allow my dog the privilege of sorting her outrun by providing opportunities to have big field gathers as well as set sheep for her. What if I take my time and enjoy her unfolding...knowing that any step of the way, I can be there to help her and  teach her; trusting myself to know when to do just that.  What if i don't make a big deal out of what happened yesterday....knowing today is a new day and it will never be yesterday again! What if, I took time to mediate instead of the time on social media?  

Perhaps....just perhaps....I can embrace what is and allow what will be....taking the time to do so.  And perhaps I will stop looking for short cuts or magic bullets!  

Yep, it's a good day to make extraordinary!  

Seize the day.