Friday, September 23, 2016

Seasons and Friends

I walked into the local knit shop, pants covered in blood and birthing fluid, hair in a messy pony tail, shirt smelling of all things lambing.  I wanted to slink in, grab the cream wool I needed to continue my hat knitting, and run back out to the car unnoticed.  I wondered in the back of my head if I would receive any help....I looked like a homeless bag lady and smelled much worse!  The lady behind the cash register seemed not to notice....wait, she must have because she asked me what I had been up to that day.  I told her I was helping a friend lamb and to please forgive my time I would come in properly dressed and coiffured...well, okay, at least tidy and smelling clean!  Of course, lambing led to my own sheep and wool and spinning and yarn and....a field trip to Rocking Dog Ranch.

The lady behind the counter turned out to be Marie Greene, a knitwear designer here in the Pacific Northwest and owner of Olive Knits.  She has been knitting since she was a little girl.....and her designs are amazing!  I think we might be soul sisters really.....her heart belongs on a farm.  She did indeed come out for a visit and took the tour of this amazing place I call home.  When she saw my little apiary, she told me she's always wanted to work with bees.  That comment led to her coming to help harvest honey....and a friendship that was starting with the love of land and wool was sealed in propolis and beeswax.  She's stuck with me now.

She blogged about her visit here......Olive Knits: This is Not Yarn

Today, I received a little said, "Gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful."  Isn't that the truth?  I'm aways a little amazed at how new friends come into my life when I least expect them.  To be honest, the decrease in my trialing has left me a little lonely.  Being home more means I am not spending as much time with my trialing friends and, of course, they continue to travel and experience the trial life on the road.  My good friends take me along vicariously through stories shared, runs watched, dogs, sheep and views.....thank God for cell phones, texting and Facebook messenger!  This summer has been filled with the challenge of this new life.......THIS is what I have been dreaming of for years!  Then the moments of loneliness....I find new soul sister friends who grab hold of my dream, showing me with new eyes how freaking amazing that dream is!  The journey becomes a little sweeter.

Now fall officially here.....bringing with it a sense of digging deep to get all the "things" done before winter arrives.  The Farmer's Almanac says it is going to be a doozie of a winter......and perhaps arriving a little early.  I've got farming happening in the bottom pasture; the corner 8 acres that were let go to wetness have been tilled and I'm putting clover in as soon as I know what the tractor man is doing with that disc he left behind.  A big huge land improvement plan is in place and now I wait on my farmer friends.  The whole land affair seems a little chaotic from the outside...but for me, it brings such a sense of....I don't know exactly how to explain it.....I just know this place is amazing and it is going to be so beautiful as I soldier on.

Seasons and friends.....I'm embracing both!!!

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