Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In November, I fantasizes about blogging every few days.......documenting the birth and growing up of my Sis litter.  I've actually spent the past year planning this event.  Thinking of the qualities I love about Sis and how I would want to improve her.  Looking at males....how they work, what might compliment Sis, and what potential males have produced in their offspring.  I did all the genetic testing I knew I needed on both Sis and her potential husband and I had a peek at Sis' hips.  In October, the male of choice, Rob, came to me and spent a few weeks at Camp Rocking Dog......knitting and watching Game of Thrones with me...I think he enjoyed his spa stay.  With a bit of encouragement, I got Sis bred...and off Rob went...back to the Wyoming Ranch where he is the get-er-done dog.

I x-rayed Sis to see how many puppies I would be looking for when the big D day arrived.....looked like 7-8....nice sized litter really.....and so the wait began.  As the bets were placed, I picked Christmas Eve and so it was, 12:15 on Christmas eve morning, Sis and I began the process of puppy birthing.  I had a camera in the room and my friend, Monique, stayed up with me to coach me in all things puppies....thankfully.  My friend, Emily came to help but Sis would have none of it...Emily slept on the couch and provided moral support with a side of cheering when that fourth girl was born. At the end of the birth, Sis and I had 9 puppies.....one tiny runt of a pup that I was hoping we could save...and 5 really big pups.....4 girls and 5 boys.  I spent Christmas Eve with Sis and her new little family.

This is where my story goes South.....shortly after all was said and done Sis began to dig, pant and go off food.  I took her in to x-ray her again, checking to see if perhaps I had left a pup behind.  By the time the 9th pup was being born, Sis was out of gas and I had to help.  My vet felt this was normal post birth behavior so we went home and soldiered on.  A few days later, we ended up at the emergency vet and Sis had eclampsia.  She was spending everything she had on feeding that litter to the expense of her calcium.  It took a transfer to Oregon State University and many visits to find the real culprit which was low magnesium.  Once they got her magnesium within normal range, she could utilize her calcium and it was smoother sailing.  With the help of many friends, a team of doctors at OSU, and a bunch of me.....Sis has raised all 9 of her puppies and they look fantastic.  There is a reproduction group on Facebook that was pretty amazing in knowledge, advice and support.

The pups are all on solid food now; I started weaning them early to help take the pressure off Sis.  Today, after a quick top off at the milk bar, Sis gets a shirt on and the playing begins!  She is such a sweet mom and I love how she loves her puppies.  After such a rough start and all that Sis went through....she is finally having some fun with them....all 9!

Amidst all that.....I did not blog.  Thankfully friends took pictures and little videos as there are places that are a little fuzzy for me!  The pups will be six weeks on Saturday......two more weeks and they begin their journeys to their new homes.  They look great and are so social......I'm pretty proud of this litter....and it took a village to get here!  I've decided to keep two puppies.....

Josephine Florence 
Jon Snow
This is life.....all the amazing-ness of life!  I know that sometimes things just happen...and then I get to dig deep and find out what I am made of.  My friends and family really surrounded me with so much support and that made all the nights doable.

Perhaps now the blog can be amazing updates of puppy cuteness......

Time to seize this day!