Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One of My Favorite Bloggers......

True confessions of a blog addicted gal....I really do love Pioneer Woman. I think it is her sunny disposition.....how she paints life with such vivid colors....blog sharing how she lives hers out on a huge cattle ranch in Oklahoma. When I heard she was coming to Portland on her cook book signing tour....I thought about going. Next thing I knew.....I was here......
Being an efficient type of person...I showed up at 5 for a 6 o'clock party.....and received ticket number #328! They stopped giving out tickets at #350!!!! What was I thinking????

This fellow was the party coordinator.....handing out numbers, making sure the aisles were left open for customers that were not there to see Pioneer Woman. Really? Somebody would come shopping for a book while Pioneer Woman was stopping in?? And asking women to not stand on the counters....yes that did happen!Pioneer Woman has a few, shall we say, fetishes...all of which she posts pictures of on her HIGHLY read blog. 1) babies,

2) tummy bumps....as in the pregnant sort,

3) fashionistas and last but certainly not least 4) husbands. Some gals tried to increase their luck for being on the Pioneer Woman blog by doubling up; such as a fashionista with a baby...better yet a fashionista with a fashionista baby! Or the big triple whammy....bringing multiple babies and a husband!

Me...well, I am just me....I am NOT pregnant (thank God!). There is NO WAY my husband would have given up hours for me to meet Pioneer Woman. My children, both of which I think are as cute as buttons and a few girls would agree, might have gotten me in with this gal......Pioneer Woman's 12 year old daughter......

but you know how much teenage boys will give up for their moms! And they would have not fallen into the "cute baby" category.

Pioneer Woman finally came out to chat at 6:15.....answered questions, did her Ethel impersonation, all of which I enjoyed from my "5 o'clock arrival view point"!

Then she started signing books. 10 people were called up at a time....I started doing the math....I actually thought about leaving. Fashionistas, babies, and husbands were beginning to fade.....it was my lucky night...a lady came out and gave me her ticket...#223......and at 8:15, I met Pioneer Woman.

(sorry to cut the tip of your head of P-dub, being by myself, I had a lot going on...what with facebooking, taking pics, and chatting)

One guess....know what we talked about?? BORDER COLLIES! What a great dog that breed is: her mother-in-law loves them and used to have them. Why she and her husband do not use them on their ranch: theirs is a sort of rescue and they have never tried to see if it could work. She signed my cookbooks and then kept chatting with me.....I can see why people love her. She is real, and down to earth, and enjoys a good chat. I felt a tiny bit bad knowing there were fashionistas/husbands/babies, (at least 120 more).....waiting to meet her. So, I left her with a working border collie gift......and my favorite quote. When she asked me if I had more than one border collie, I told her, "border collies are like potato chips....you can't stop at one!"

Seize the day!!!!


  1. I'm so jealous! I adore Pioneer Woman... she's fabulous. :D I'm totally addicted to her blog. It doesn't hurt that every recipe I've tried from her site has been amazing!